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4 Jan 2018

The stars begin to shine so bright, the Three Kings are coming…

If you have the chance to experience the afternoon of January 5th during your stay with Hoteles THe, don´t let it go away. In Spain, the arrival of the Three Kings is expected with great enthusiasm and thrill, especially for the little ones. Today, we want to share this celebration with you and tell you more about our tradition. An exciting afternoon, a waiting nighttime full of hope and an awakening bearing laughter and joy. Are you in?

28 Dec 2017

Twelve grapes, twelve wishes… Happy New Year 2018!

Doubtlessly, New Year´s Eve is one of the most fascinating nights of the year. Thrill, enthusiasm and sparkle in every corner. For most Spanish people, everything is about tradition and habits. We look forward to hold our family and friends in our arms and kiss them, after eating the famous twelve grapes to begin the New Year 2018. Do you want to know where this tradition comes from?

21 Dec 2017

A lovely gift for Christmas: THe Senses Collection

Have you discovered the new charm collection of our hotel chain? Hoteles THe wants to offer a unique experience by creating the brand Senses Collection, the selection of hotels with personality, original design and a particular architecture or location. It is quite a great Christmas gift for you to live a unique experience in 2018, don´t you think?