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Garachico: Earth of Icod´s fire

Garachico: Earth of Icod´s fire

The lavas´s black of volcano Trevejo, the white of its houses, and the turquoise of the waters it was a precious port of: these are the colors of Garachico´s flag telling its history.

Garachico, municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife at Northwest of the island, owes its “guanche” name (e.g. aborigine) to the islet guarding its coast. The natural monument of Roque de Garachico is certainly the hallmark of its landscape, not forgetting the lava flows emerging from the mountains down to the sea and telling the story of this place. The municipality, inhabited since the “guanche” era, was part of the old kingdom of Icod, which means “fire”. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Garachico was the main port of the island, from where ships full of wine and sugar departed to America, Africa and Europe. Besides this port boom, urban development began: streets, squares and buildings of all kinds filled this lovely town. However, between the mid-sixteenth century and the late seventeenth century, Garachico was prey of the sea´s anger, plagues and severe fires. Thanks to its economic power Garachico could recover of all these catastrophes. But the implacable eruption of volcano Trevejo in 1706 devoured the municipality and left nothing on its way, marking the history of this place and ending with its port power.

Still, Garachico is today one of the most important historical centers of the Canary Islands. King Alfonso XIII granted the title of Town and Port in 1916. Also, the richness of its historical and artistic heritage as well as its conservation efforts deserve the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts received in 1980. Thanks to its legacy, Garachico was declared Good of Cultural Interest in the category of Historical Site by the Canarian government in 1994. In Garachico´s land you will find part of protected natural areas, such as the Teide National Park or the Natural Park of Corona Forestal (e.g. Forest Crown). Besides the beautiful historical center, Garachico also gives us captivating beaches and cliffs. Of course, the natural pools of El Caletón are one of the undisputed highlights of this place.

Naturally, the coastal enclave makes Garachico´s cuisine a reference in fresh fish and seafood dishes. The delights of the traditional pastries made by the Franciscan nuns, as well as its good wines named Ycoden-Daute-Isora put the icing on this cake. Enjoy these wonders born from the Icod´s fire that are a treat for all five senses during your stay at Hotel THe La Quinta Roja Senses Collection.

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