Jardín Canario: Macaronesia´s life crops up

Jardín Canario: Macaronesia´s life crops up

It is the pure manifestation of life. Here, the Macaronesian flora breathes. In the Canarian Botanic Garden “Viera y Clavijo” of Gran Canaria, popularly known as “Jardín Canario” (Canarian Garden), live flowers and endemic plants of the Canary Islands and the region of Macaronesia (Madeira, the Azores and Cape Verde). Founded in 1952, this unique place is named after José Viera y Clavijo, Canarian naturalist of the eighteenth century and pioneer of Nature Sciences in our islands.

Given the abundance of unique and exotic plants in the area, the Canary Islands are one of the most interesting spaces of the planet. Jardín Canario was born from the dream of Swedish botanist Eric Sventenius of preserving and protecting the endemic flora. In the mid-70´s, Jardín Canario consolidates as a center for conservation, research and environmental education, and grows with new laboratories, a herbarium, a library and a plant nursery. Currently, not only endemic plants live here. Jardín Canario increasingly welcomes specimens from all corners of the Earth. With an area of 27 hectares, a great part of it sleeps on the back of “Barranco de Guiniguada” (Guiniguada´s ravine) by Hotel Rural THe Maipez Senses Collection. Thus, many trails lead you to unique caves and beautiful waterfalls. Fostering the development in their natural habitat, each species has its own space: the laurel forest, the Palm Trees Square, the Islands Garden, the Macaronesian Ornamental Garden, the Hidden Garden or the World Garden are a few examples. Lastly, the lakes and the waterfall of the Japanese Garden and the Fountain of the Wise, a tribute to the naturalists who dedicated their work to the knowledge of the Canarian flora, give a special touch to this charming place. If you are staying at Hoteles THe, take the chance to get to know one of the most precious treasures of our region: our flora.

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